In 2018 Transfennica carried 4,8 million tons of cargo, fulfilling the company's objective to become the industry leader.

Transfennica – staying competitive with a modern, clean fleet

Transfennica is committed to reducing emissions with its modern fleet in order to meet high environmental standards for the future. To that end, the shipping company’s entire fleet is equipped with scrubbers.

This environmentally friendly approach is, to a great extent, based on efficient use of resources. By adjusting quantities with capacity, giving special emphasis to fuel economy and bringing the goods as close to the customer as possible, maritime transportation is made more efficient by minimizing its environmental impact. For example, all Transfennica’s vessels are retrofitted with scrubbers, a solution that has assured compliance with environmental laws in the SECA regions.

Transfennica, established in 1976 and owned by Dutch Spliethoff since 2002, is a European shipping company with fast-scheduled liner services. With its modern, multi-purpose Ro-Ro fleet, the company offers fast-transport routes between continental Europe, Estonia, Finland and Russia. Its advantages include the fastest total lead times, extensive information technology backup, fast cargo handling, flexibility and safety.

With its versatile vessels, the fleet can practically carry any general cargo, including Sto-Ro, containers, trailers, cassettes, mobile cargoes and project cargoes, as well as IMDG-classified goods and temperature-controlled units. To cater to different customers’ requirements and changes in the trade, the company has offices in Amsterdam, Antwerp, Gdynia, Kotka, Helsinki, Lübeck, Paldiski, St. Petersburg and Tilbury.

Speed both at sea and in port is an important feature of the Trafexpress-class of vessels, which are suitable for short-sea, as well as deep-sea traffic. These vessels are equipped with two medium-speed main engines, each with an output of 12,600 kW. To guarantee the best-ever maneuverability, the vessels are equipped with twin bow thrusters of 850 kW each and two high-efficiency flap rudders. Maximum speed is about 23 knots at 12,800 DWT. The vessels have been strengthened to Finnish/Swedish ice-class 1A Super capability by incorporating Spliethoff icebreaking bow-shaped fin stabilizers to ensure safe passage in rough weather.

The company is committed to service and quality. By focusing on fewer ports and increasing sailing frequency, cost-effectiveness has been improved. Handling speeds have also been considerably increased during the past several years. Its challenge to develop faster, more efficient and safer vessels for a wide customer base has been realized.

Within its network, Transfennica has about 100 skilled workers dedicated to customers and suppliers. Its extensive on-line information network manages a full range of operations and electronic links with its customers.

The world’s most eco-friendly bulk carrier now operating on the Baltic Sea

ESL Shipping’s next-generation bulk carrier ship, known as Viikki, began operating in the Baltic Sea in mid-November 2018. The first load was delivered to the Port of Helsinki, and a celebration was held for Viikki, which is the world’s lowest-emission bulk ship like her sister ship, Haaga.

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Containerships Receives First LNG-powered Boxship

Multimodal transporter Containerships Plc announced the delivery of its first LNG-powered container vessel, M/S Containerships Nord. She was delivered to Containerships at Wenchong Shipyard, China, on 12.12.2018.

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Langh’s unique water treatment method

The scrubber manufacturer Langh Tech Ltd is one of the Langh Group of companies, which also include shipping company Langh Ship Oy Ab and Industrial and Ship Cleaning Services Hans Langh.

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Meriaura’s VG EcoCoaster – the most environmentally friendly vessels in the Baltic Sea

The VG EcoCoaster vessel type, developed by Meriaura Group, is a highly energy-efficient bulk carrier. The vessels are equipped with two separate fuel systems, enabling the main engine (ABC 8DZC) to run on MGO and biofuels.

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Finnlines’ actions in sustainable shipping – new energy-efficient vessels

During the past decade, Finnlines has made a whole series of concrete investments totaling EUR 1 billion, including actions to promote environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

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Shipowners on the Baltic Sea are highly environmentally aware

The sulfur and nitrogen emissions of ships are well under control in the Baltic Sea. The most important short-term goal is to promote the development and adoption of fossil-free fuels by Finnish ship owners. Everyone must work together to advance this goal.

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