Langh’s unique water treatment method

The scrubber manufacturer Langh Tech Ltd is one of the Langh Group of companies, which also include shipping company Langh Ship Oy Ab and Industrial and Ship Cleaning Services Hans Langh.

Langh Ship has a fleet of five multipurpose container vessels. M/S Aila and M/S Linda are 11,500 DWT vessels, and M/S Laura, M/S Hjördis and M/S Marjatta are 6,500 DWT vessels.
Langh Tech designs and produces scrubbers for removing SOx from exhaust gases and water treatment units for closed loop scrubbers. Langh Tech scrubbers have been installed on Langh Ship’s vessels, which can be used as testing platforms for continuous product development. The knowledge for water purification originates from the industrial cleaning company.

Langh Tech’s water treatment units can also be delivered in combination with other manufacturers’ scrubbers.

This unique water treatment method enables continuous closed loop operation causing only a minimal amount of sludge, hence reducing waste removal costs. The efficiency of the water treatment method is recognized throughout the shipping industry from cargo ship owners to cruise ship operators.

Langh Tech has also developed a water treatment system to be used for cleaning the process water from Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR). EGR is a method to reduce NOx emissions to meet Tier III requirements. The closed loop process is based on wet-scrubbing with fresh water and using sodium hydroxide (NaOH) to neutralise the sulphur. In open loop mode, seawater is used in the exhaust gas washing process. The small and lightweight Langh Tech scrubber can replace the silencer.

The scrubber and water treatment units are designed for retrofit installations as well as new buildings. In addition to component delivery, Langh Tech takes care of commissioning and offers installation supervision, crew training and after-sales service.

Langh Tech currently has over 100 reference vessels and the company’s key message to ship owners and operators is that Langh Tech delivers scrubber systems quickly, with all the components tailored individually for each project.

The world’s most eco-friendly bulk carrier now operating on the Baltic Sea

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During the past decade, Finnlines has made a whole series of concrete investments totaling EUR 1 billion, including actions to promote environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

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The sulfur and nitrogen emissions of ships are well under control in the Baltic Sea. The most important short-term goal is to promote the development and adoption of fossil-free fuels by Finnish ship owners. Everyone must work together to advance this goal.

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