Over the years, Evac has grown through both organic growth and acquisitions. The acquisition of Cathelco extends Evac’s offereing in three main areas: marine growth prevention systems, hull corrosion protection systems, and bal-last water treatment systems.

Evac – acquisitions and strong organic growth

Evac maintained a strong growth pattern in 2018 with sales turnover rising to 156 MEUR in comparison with 105 MEUR in 2017.

All business areas met or exceeded their sales growth targets, recording about 20 % increase in sales in 2018.

The company continues to build its reputation as the world’s leading supplier of integrated water and waste management systems and services for ships, as well as offshore platforms and buildings.

The acquisition of Cathelco in May 2018 with a turnover of 30 MEUR was another major step in enlarging Evac’s offering. This increased the product portfolio with the addition of marine growth prevention systems, corrosion protection systems and ballast water management systems (BWMS).

“Cathelco’s products provide a natural extension to our complete clean-tech solutions, because they reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of hulls and other shipboard equipment”, says Evac CEO and president Tomi Gardemeister.

“Looking to the future, the Evac Evolution ballast water treatment system developed by Cathelco, has enormous sales potential as ship owners worldwide comply with legislation to prevent the transfer of invasive species.”

The acquisition of Cathelco extends Evac’s offering in three main areas: marine-growth prevention systems, hull-corrosion protection systems, and ballast-water treatment systems.

The first area prevents the buildup of bio fouling in pipework and suppresses corrosion; the second prevents hull corrosion and reduces vessel fuel consumption; the third removes organisms and pathogens from ballast water using UV and filtration technologies.

In January, Evac acquired Transvac Systems, a UK business specializing in the distribution and servicing of wastewater treatment, sanitary and ballast-water treatment systems for ships and offshore platforms.

“Transvac demonstrates the emphasis that we are placing on being life-cycle partners for our customers, providing services from initial design and installation to maintenance and refit in later years”, said Gardemeister.

In early 2019, Evac will install a water-ballast management system for Quark Expeditions, the leading operator of polar expedition cruises, to ensure it will have environmentally friendly ships.

Quark’s new 200-passenger ship, built by Brodosplit in Croatia, is scheduled for a 2020 launch. Quark, which sails in some of the world’s most fragile environmental areas, is committed to becoming environmentally friendly with solutions from Evac.


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