MV Werften has split the design work for the giant cruise ship into two roughly equal parts, each worth approximately EUR 17 million.

Elomatic – powering ahead in ship design

Elomatic, a design company with nearly 1,000 employees, is one of the world’s leading ship designers. Although competition from within the EU and around the globe is becoming constantly tougher, the outlook for Elomatic is good, says Rami Hirsimäki, Senior Vice President, Marine & Offshore and member of the company’s management team.

“As a multidisciplinary bureau, we have deep and broad expertise to execute even the most complex engineering projects. We are the largest independent design and consulting office,” Hirsimäki says.

He said cruise-ship design is heading in an excellent direction. Cruise ships are complex entities, and Elomatic either designs them independently or in collaboration with qualified partners.

Elomatic’s most recent cruise ship contracts are connected to the second Global-class cruise vessel being built by the German shipyard MV Werften for Star Cruises. With a gross tonnage of approximately 200,001, the vessel is among the world’s largest cruise ships.

The new-build project is due for completion in 2020, and Elomatic’s EUR 17 million contract covers basic design and, systems engineering, detail design and technical support at the shipyard.

Elomatic has collaborated with NYK Group to create an emission-free cargo ship, the NYK Super Eco Ship 2050. A global-class cruise vessel being built by MV Werften for Star Cruises.

Strict regulations are good for the industry

Ship projects take a long time and require major investments. How can this be reconciled with the stricter constraints imposed by the authorities or new and emerging technologies?

“The shipping industry has long been aware of things like the upcoming IMO’s emission limits and the Ballast Water Management Convention, for which the transition period was extended,”

Hirsimäki said. “The IMO is a specialized agency of the UN, backed by all maritime operators and flag states. The IMO’s projects are very important for everyone within the maritime industry.

“It is good when stricter agreements and new technologies emerge because they mean more sustainable shipping more work for designers and engineers.” He does not deny that certain parties may be milking every last drop out of the extended transition periods they have demanded.

Cadmatic offers 3D-modelling software for ship and plant design. This software was originally developed by Elomatic, but it was Cadmatic that brought it to a global prominence.

“We have really good user-developer relationship with Cadmatic. We are keen to use Cadmatic’s software but if a customer wants us to use other tools, we can do that as well,” explains Hirsimäki.

Elomatic Group’s net sales in 2018 increased by 12% to more than EUR 81 million. During the financial period, the company recruited 162 new employees, bringing its workforce to more than 950.

Elomatic will continue actively recruiting personnel next year in order to meet the needs of an expanding order book.

Aker Arctic plays with high stakes at high latitudes

The technology company Aker Arctic is a notable international player in northern shipping. In addition to icebreakers and ice-going vessels that are working in Finland, the company also holds an important position in international markets. For example, icebreaker design for Sweden and many Arctic transport projects in the Northeast Passage are currently ongoing.

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Aker Arctic is trusting in LNG in northern waters

Design company Aker Arctic’s strength is its ice laboratory, which is unique on a global scale. Thanks to the Helsinki ice basin, the company has extensive experience designing icebreakers and specialist vessels that sail through ice.

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Cadmatic is on the crest of a digital wave

Cadmatic, a provider of design, engineering and information management software for the marine and plant industries, believes in data-driven shipbuilding. And why not?

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Foreign trade depends on icebreakers

Arctia guarantees passage throughout the winter, whatever the conditions.

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Rolls-Royce is guiding digital seafaring

Rolls-Royce Marine’s unit in Finland has long been a leader in the fields of autonomous vessel technology and propeller devices.

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Evac – acquisitions and strong organic growth

Evac maintained a strong growth pattern in 2018 with sales turnover rising to 156 MEUR in comparison with 105 MEUR in 2017.

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Norsepower sailing into the eye of the storm

Norsepower has modernized an old invention, and it is hitting the market at the perfect time.

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Surma is the market leader in its niche

Finnish design bureau Surma is the world market leader in its own field of managing ships’ combat survivability and related applications. One major event for Surma in 2018 was its acquisition by DA-Group, which made Surma a subsidiary of the electronics company. Surma previously had 21 owners and the merger reduced this to one.

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Foreship’s strength lies in passenger and specialist vessels

The ship design company Foreship has plenty of demanding projects all over the world. The company is currently working on concept designs for cruisers, cruise vessel conversion projects and consulting for shipping companies to monitor the design of new-build ships.

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