Port offers Finland’s most diverse range of services, all the way to 200-tonne hoists.

Tahkoluoto is home to Finland’s deepest harbour

Port of Pori Ltd provides land rental, ship, crane and conveyor services. The Port of Pori consists of three harbors: Mäntyluoto, the Tahkoluoto oil and chemical harbour, and the Tahkoluoto deep harbour.

The depth of the Tahkoluoto fairway is 15.3 meters, making it Finland’s deepest harbor. All of the harbor areas can be safely approached along short and direct fairways.

In the future, a new pier measuring approximately 500 meters in length will be added to Kallonlahti in Mäntyluoto, providing new opportunities and improving the harbour infrastructure, while offering new business opportunities. A further aim is to invest in a new oil pier for Tahkoluoto which is currently undergoing the permit procedure. This will also increase the safety and efficiency of liquid transportation.

We also have good overland connections to Russia. Rail investments are currently being made: the tracks are being electrified to both the Mäntyluoto and Tahkoluoto parts of the harbor.

We are making major investments in the safety and environmental friendliness of the harbor. For example, we have lowered the charges for vessels running on alternative fuels. The most recent investment was a transition to LED lighting. All of the outdoor lighting in the harbor is being placed with new LED lights, and the investment has already begun.

One of our areas of expertise is handling project cargoes, and it is cost efficient to handle special shipments via our port using the good – and constantly improving – routes available to every part of Finland. Our port offers Finland’s most diverse range of services, all the way to 200-ton hoists.

Further information: www.portofpori.fi

Port offers Finland’s most diverse range of services, all the way to 200-tonne hoists.

Cruise businesses provide the impetus for NIT’s expansion

NIT, a Finnish company specializing in turnkey deliveries of public spaces on cruise and passenger vessels, is growing on the tailwinds of the international cruise business. Jari Suominen, the Managing Director, forecasts an increase in net sales from EUR 17 million in 2018 to EUR 30 million in this financial period.

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“Good morning Sir, I am your agent!”

We are always happy to receive such an enthusiastic salutation, whether we are aboard a giant cruise ship with thousands of customers in the heart of a capital city or a riverboat mooring up at an inland industrial pier after a long journey through the canals.

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Turku is Finland’s hub for Scandinavian transport

The Port of Turku is the center of Scandinavian transport from Finland and one of the country’s most important logistics hubs.

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Finnpulp selects HaminaKotka as its export harbour

The Port of HaminaKotka Ltd has signed a major letter of intent with Finnpulp for the routing of its chemical pulp products. Finnpulp is constructing a bioproduct factory in Kuopio.

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Port of Pietarsaari, Port infrastructure – our strength

Trade and shipping were the original reasons for the founding of the town of Pietarsaari. The first Finnish ship to sail around the world from 1844–1847 was the bark ship Herkules out of Pietarsaari.

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Port of Oulu Ltd – ready for growth

For the Port of Oulu, the last few years have been the busiest in its history in terms of development.

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On the journey to becoming the world’s most functional port

The Port of Helsinki is Finland’s leading general port for international transport, and it works for well-being and business activity in Greater Helsinki and Finland as a whole. Helsinki is also one of Europe’s busiest passenger harbors for international travel. The Port of Helsinki’s vision is to become the world’s most functional port.

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