FinEst Smart Mobility – smart traffic management for ports

A timetable, location and arrival time service for ferry traffic; an app that shortens queuing times for lorries; a service that provides an overview of harbor traffic; and a carpooling service for ship passengers. This is the FinEst Smart Mobility project.

Traffic volumes at the West Harbor have soared, making it the world’s busiest passenger harbor. Every year, nine million passengers travel between Helsinki and Tallinn. Every day, 650 lorries drive through Jätkäsaari.

With the aims of making harbor traffic flow more smoothly, efficiently supporting businesses and minimizing the adverse effects of emissions and noise, FinEst Smart Mobility has developed tailored solutions to address the challenges facing the West Harbor due to increased traffic.

The FinEst API, developed by Fleetrange, provides timetable, location and arrival information in real time for the ferry traffic between the West Harbor and Tallinn. The interface enables ferry traffic to be integrated into other traffic, enhancing efficiency and reliability. In terms of harbor traffic management and onward connections, it is crucial that the actual arrival times of ferries are openly available and accessible.

With the aims of making harbour traffic flow more smoothly, efficiently supporting businesses and minimising the adverse effects of emissions and noise.

For heavy goods traffic, the project has involved a pilot of GoSwift’s J-I-T app, which guides lorries to the harbor within a specified time slot, which evens out the numbers of lorries arriving at the same time. This minimizes the amount of time that lorries spend at the harbor and reduces the peak traffic loads at check-in.

Infotripla has developed a real-time traffic forecasting system for the harbor area, helping traffic managers to prepare for and react to the traffic volumes caused by arriving and departing ferries.

In addition, Kyyti Group has piloted an app for a carpooling service from the West Harbor to Helsinki Airport with the aim of providing a transportation service that supports public transport on heavily trafficked routes.

Further information
Twitter: @Finest_smart
Suvi Hänninen, Project Manager, City of Helsinki
+358 40 627 9213,

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