The 100% Finnish state-owned shipping company Arctia Oy safeguards year-round maritime transport in Finland in all conditions.
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The Finnish Maritime Cluster includes, from left to right: Juha Mutru, the Managing Director of the Finnish Port Operators Association, Tiina Tuurnala, the Managing Director of the Finnish Shipowners’ Association, Elina Andersson, the Managing Director of Finnish Marine Industries and Annaleena Mäkilä, the Managing Director of the Finnish Port Association.

The Finnish maritime cluster is significant by international standards. There is strong high technology development like digitalisation and environmental expertise in Finland, and these areas represent two global megatrends. Among Finland’s defining characteristics are its small size, agility and mutual trust, which are reflected in strong collaboration between the public sector and companies. Various joint projects are also spawning startups.

Collaboration is bearing fruit in the form of innovations. Finnish vessels act as references and testing platforms for innovations in the marine industry and, once testing is complete, the innovations can be launched on world markets. The competitive shipowning sector underpins the growth of the maritime cluster as a whole.

The industries are intrinsically linked – ports and port operators do well when shipowners and the marine industry are buoyant. In turn, these industries require good ports and fairways, functional logistics chains and good mutual collaboration.

The Finnish Maritime Cluster includes the Finnish Shipowners’ Associationthe Finnish Port Association,the Finnish Port Operators Association and Finnish Marine Industries.

The Finnish maritime cluster knows collaboration

Finland’s maritime cluster is one of the country’s most significant business sectors with annual revenues of EUR 14 billion. The sector employs 50,000 people all over the country. The maritime cluster encompasses about 3,000 companies from various sectors, all of which are connected by their maritime expertise. Our diversity differentiates us from many other countries.

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Aid crucial in pandemic survival

One lesson learned from Covid-19 has been asking for help, says Björn Blomqvist, Managing Director of Rederi AB Eckerö.

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Support and promotion for Finnish Shipping Industry

The Shipowners’ Foundation in Finland was established in 2008. The Foundation aims to support research, education, and communication in the Finnish shipping industry as well as to promote activities related to the shipping industry.

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Breaking Waves focused on smart recovery – speakers emphasized cooperation and digitalization

Maritime industry faces big challenges due COVID19-pandemic. Pandemic is seen to lead to stronger collaboration and accelerated digitalisation.

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Breaking Waves: Towards smart and emission-free shipping

The Breaking Waves conference 2019 at the Messukeskus Helsinki Expo and Convention Centre as part of the world-leading start-up event Slush. The famous buzz surrounding the event also extended to the maritime
cluster’s conference, as the top names and influencers in the sector met to discuss the future challenges facing maritime logistics.

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The world is becoming autonomous

“The world is becoming autonomous,” Pia Meling said in Breaking Waves-conference in Helsinki. Why should it not happen in maritime?

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